M.Sc Zoology

Master of Science in Zoology

About Department:-

The Department ofZoology was established in 2016 with an aim to provide quality education to students & to contribute for the development of Zoological Studies. The Department has highly qualified,experienced & dedicated faculty with tremendous teaching skills. Our pedagogy focuses on basic and applied fields of Zoology assisted with demos, models, videos, etc. The Departmental laboratory includes having equipments such as Digital Weighing Balance, pH Meter, Dissecting microscopes,Compound Microscopes, Binocular Microscopes, Steroscope microscopes,Permanent slides,Specimens of different phylums,Water Bath, Autoclave,Microtome, Shaker, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer , Hot Air Oven, and Incubator etc.


To impart education that generates good citizens with academic excellence & strong commitment to society.To perpetuate value based education favorable to the progress of students & society so as to promote the highest values of life, respect for nature and inculcate sound acquisition of knowledge especially for animal sciences through quality education.


Our mission is to offer high quality educationdedicated to building minds with convinction, integrity,social and moral responsibility. Weare committed to educating the students beyond the confines of a classroom to make them better individuals & develop their personalities,enabling them to face the challenges of modern world.

  1. To develop infrastructural facility and introduce tools and techniques in relevant fields.
  2. To produce leadership in science and technology.
  3. To prepare responsible trained manpower in animal studies, teaching and research.
  4. To sensitize human society for animal welfare, conservation and protection of biodiversity.

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