Master of Science in Chemistry

Master of Science in Chemistry


Chemistry is vibrant, vital and central science as it bridges other natural sciences including biology, physics, and geology. A vast array of industries-petrochemicals, bulk and fine chemicals, polymers, dyes and paints, pharmaceuticals, food additives and nutraceuticals are chemistry related and offer a wide range of rewarding careers.

Chemistry department was established in this institution in the year 2017 and is affiliated from HPU,   Shimla. It offers M.Sc. (Two year degree) course in all three specializations (Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry). The department has well equipped labs and smart class room facilities. The department’s goal is to make learning easy and interesting. The teaching staff insists on use of advanced teaching tools and also works on interdisciplinary research projects.

Students are encouraged to make oral and power point presentations, give seminars to enhance their creativity, communication skills and confidence. One month industrial training is also provided for last semester students.






RANK (1)

RANK (2)

RANK (3)


Simran (76%)

Yamini (74%)

Disha (73%)

Alka (73%)


Alka (73%)

Anuradha (71%)

Alka (70%)


Cultural and sports

1. Annual sports meet 19/02/2020 100m race Pooja (2018-20) 1st Position
      Kabaddi Diksha, Alka, Pooja, Kajal (2018-20) Winner
      Tug of war Ambika, Pooja,Komal, Poonam, Ankita, Alka, Anshul, Parul Winner
2. International girl child day 11/10/2019 Debate competition Priyanka (2018-2020) 1st position
3. National sports day 29/08/2019 volleyball Dishank, Rajat, Baljeet, Mangal (2018-2020) Runner up
4. Annual Sports meet 19/03/2019 100m race

Pooja (2018-20)

Alka (2018-20)

1st position

2nd position

      Long Jump Baljeet (2018-20) 2nd position
5. National Science day 28/02/2019 Rangoli Shubham, Diksha, Pooja, Alka 1st positionssss
      Volleyball Updesh, Baljeet, Rajat, Mangal, Dishank (2018-20) Winner
      Tug of war All girls (2018-20) winner
6. Workshop on Radiation Detection and measurement 11/03/2019 Quiz competition Diksha 2nd position
7. National conference 16/03/2019 Poster presentation    
8. Industrial training One month Laboratory techniques    

Career opportunities

Chemistry post graduates can enter in
  • Pure and applied research
  • Teaching
  • Quality control, quality assessment, research
  • Management, production, packaging, marketing and sales in industries like pharmaceuticals, foods, dyes, cosmetics, chemicals, fertilizers, polymers etc.
  • Chemistry software development, chemistry literature indexing
  • Drug inspectors
  • Civil services.
  • Science journalism
  • Nutritional consultancy