Cultural Activities

Cultural Life at Thakur P.G. College of Education

Thakur P.G. College of Education is full of energy from its students. Organizations diverse people; and events and big team spirit. There is a nearly irresistible energy at campus that brings people and ideas together. Thakur P.G. College of Educations brings together independent and creative students who expand their intellectual horizons beyond the classroom. The division of campus life and student services establishes and nurtures a vibrant residential environment that enables students to pursue their academic and extra curriculum interests to the fullest. We teach advise Counsel, support, coach, guide and mentor. Our work advances students, abilities to thrive as contributing members of the Thakur P.G. College  of Education community to bring a diversity of experiences ,beliefs and identities to bear on their studies and lives ; to promote civil discourse; and develop skills of leadership, cooperation problem, solving management of difficult situations, completion of commitments and College function towards a common goal.